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The First and Only Fire-Prevention Outlet Ever Invented!

Setting new standards in home and commercial electrical safety.
BSafe’s revolutionary thermal technology saves lives and property by sensing abnormal temperatures in electrical wiring devices, de-energizing the circuits involved, and stopping potential catastrophic fires before they can start.

TFCI™ – The Development of Thermal Technology
In the last 25 years little has been done to detect outlet overheating and the subsequent fires caused by faulty, damaged, or improperly installed wall outlets, power strips, extension cords, etc. A simple installation error, such as insufficient tightening at binding head screw terminals, a poor splicing connection, or connections loosened over time from normal wear or vibration, can produce abnormal heat build-up behind walls, potentially leading to catastrophic fires and death. More...

Fire is Homeowner’s #1 Concern
The numbers are sobering. Every year there are 67,800 fires, 485 deaths, and $868 million in property losses caused by electrical wiring problems.*
In fact, Americans are more concerned about fire than any other home disaster.**

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