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Andrew does everything with tremendous integrity an professionalism and delivers on the needs of your project or brand. From Seo, to online marking, and business consulting and domain management Andrew is the expert you want to have in your corner. And an all around great guy too.

Kevin Kelly, BigBuzz Marketing Group's Co-President & Chief Creative Officer

Andrew is an expert in SEO, SEM, online marketing, and web marketing.

He is also the guy that you should consider approaching as an Angel investor. Andrew's latest venture, Angel Dough Ventures, is open and ready for business. If you have a solid business model and the skills, expertise, and team to run the venture properly you should reach out to him to learn more.

Andrew is a solid mentor and an all-around easy guy to talk to. I've worked with him first hand and I know how easy he is to work with but I have also had a chance to meet with several people that has worked with him, too, everyone has positive things to say about him as well.

No need to just take my word for it - look his other recommendations!

David Clements, CEO Brannans.com

Andrew is a rare breed of business leader who senses opportunity where others don't and knows how to quickly convert that opportunity into reality, a successful growing business. He is creative, thinking of many new business ideas, yet practical, having the detailed knowledge to make a new business work. He is someone who is also trustworthy with a high sense of integrity, someone good to do business with.

Brian Turchin, CEO/Founder/EOS Certified Implementer, Cape Horn Strategies, Inc